Viddy and Socialcam — The Battle to Become the Instagram of Video

If you’ve been following the tech world for the last few weeks, you probably saw that Instagram was purchased by Facebook, and almost overnight the buzz shifted to who was going to become the ‘Instagram of Video’.  Despite a plethora of competitors, two top candidates have emerged — Viddy and SocialCam.

I take a look at each after the jump.


Viddy, launched last year on iPhone and supported by $1.6 million in venture funding, allows you to snap and post 15 second video clips.  The site is run with small funny or notable clips, as the 15 second limit enforces creativity the same way Twitter’s limit does.

It’s not too difficult to use the app, which is a free download.  You start the app and shoot your video, and when it’s done you have the option to do some quick editing using a standard slider.  Then you can share to any of your social networks or to Viddy itself.  The service offers all the standard social network features, like contacts, address books and a feed of sorts.  Although the news feed is nothing like Pinterest’s beautiful visual scrapbook mosaic, it’s still got the feel of Pinterest — a scrapbook full of content.

Viddy isn't quite as visually appealing as Pinterest

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Alan Patricof of Viddy-sponsor and venture-capital firm Greycroft Partners talked about the impressive speed of growth of Viddy, as it adds 500,000 users a day to its 16,000,000 total users. Check it out here and skip to 4:50 to see him chat about Viddy.


The other big Instagram for Video candidate is SocialCam. You may have seen this one floating around your Facebook news feed — I know I have.  People share all sorts of videos they see on my Facebook wall, and they all seem like original videos posted directly to the network.

In short, socialcam lets you create videos of any length, upload them to the cloud, share them on social networks and view others’ videos.  The advantage of the app is its simplicity.  You load it up and log in — using Facebook to make things easier, if you want —  and take a video.  Once that’s done, you can tag people in the video, set a cool filter on the video, add titles and post the thing.

Then you can look at your own profile and others’, and that’s where the program is something like a Tumblr-Instagram fusion, showing follower counts in big numbers and allowing users to have a large profile.  You can also go to your feed and see popular and trending videos by various users in a Pinterest tyle collage.  Check it out below.

Overall, both “Instagram for Video” options have their strengths.  Socialcam is easy to use and more stylish, but Viddy has a few features, like 15 second clips and simple editing, that make it a unique experience.  I recommend checking them both out (they’re both free) and letting us know which one you prefer.