ViddiPop offers video messaging with themed endings on iOS, Google Play

Image via ViddiPops

As the mobile video messaging craze continues to grow, app developers must add something new or unique to make their video messaging app stand apart from the rest. That’s what Viddi, Inc. has tried to do with its take on the idea, ViddiPops, which focuses on video themes as its “hook.”

ViddiPops allows users to record videos of up to 20 seconds in length, and then choose from thousands of themed endings, depending on the message contained within a video. For instance, if a user can’t make it to a wedding, they could record a congratulatory video and add a wedding-themed ending to the clip before sending it to the bride or groom.

[contextly_sidebar id=”790216813419d88b7754347e11b40b76″]ViddiPop also offers support for video looping, where segments of up to eight seconds in length can be set on a loop, and V Snapshots, allowing users to take pictures and then put them in specialized frames before sharing them.

“This is going to change the way people send video messages with their mobile devices” said Viddi, Inc.’s Communications Director Doug Zachary, in a company release. “We are so proud of this concept and the wide range of video endings that users will have access to via the app. Our users may have seen the ability to send video message and loops before but never quite like this.”

ViddiPop has plenty of competition in both the video messaging and “mobile greeting card” spaces. Vello, for instance, mixes video messaging with the ability to add an e-gift card to the message, while Pinnatta allows users to send interactive greeting cards that share many of the same messages found in ViddiPop. Still, the company is confident it offers something others don’t.

“I am certain this type of themed customized video sharing is going to create a new genre and mindset of how people use video cameras on their devices” added Zachary. “ViddiPops will be the new way very special moments in time are shared with co-workers, friends and family.”

ViddiPop is now available to download for free on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow the app’s progress on AppData, our tracking tool for mobile and social apps and developers.