New York Loses Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

ShutterstockAdrianaLimaThere was a bit of a New York fashion bombshell dropped this morning across the pond at Victoria’s Secret’s Bond Street store in London. Model Adriana Lima, dressed according to The Cut contributor Hattie Criswell in “exactly what any of us would choose for a breakfast event: a jeweled cut-out dress with generous sideboob,” announced – together with Candice Swanepoel and company CMO Ed Razeck – that the chain’s next annual fashion show will be held at Earls Court in London.

During the press conference, Lima came up with one logical and one not-so-logical celebrity as possible UK first-row guests:

Lima seemed more interested in which Brits would be in the audience for the show. “There are a bunch that we’d like to invite,” she said, giggling. “I’d love to see Elton John because I’m a big fan — I really love him. Hopefully, also — I’d like to invite Prince Harry.”

As Criswell also notes, even though this annual product please-ment is “the world’s least secret, least fashion-related runway event,” it’s still a bottom-line loss for New York. In future years, perhaps the chain can gear up simultaneous runways in multiple locales.

[Photo of Lima at 2013 Victoria’s Secret runway show: Anton Oparin/]

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