Victoria’s Secret Transgender Model Petition Nearing 25,000 Signatures

One of the latest petitions to morph into a news story is the cause put forth by Merced, CA resident Marco Regalado. He wants Victoria’s Secret to consider hiring former Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Carmen Carrera as the company’s first transgender fashion model. At press time, the petition was closing in on 25,000 signatures.

The latest outlets to pick up on Regalado’s efforts include Yahoo Shine, the UK side of the International Business Times and Montreal Gazette blogger Jillian Page. From her op-ed:

Hmm… Not that I am opposed to Carmen Carrera being a model for Victoria’s Secret, but I think a petition calling on the company to make her a model because she is a woman who gender transitioned — or a “transgendered woman,” as many are saying — is somewhat misguided.

When a person transitions from male status to female status, she becomes one of four billion other women on the planet, no more, no less. Therefore, she should be given the same consideration for Victoria’s Secret other women might get. She should not get special treatment because she transitioned.

Per Shine’s Shareen Dindar, since starring on the reality show and going on to have the transgender procedure, New Jersey native Carrera has appeared in the pages of W magazine and walked down a Marco Marco runway.

[Photo: Lev Radin/]