Philadelphia Magazine Writer Crowdfunds Bill Cosby Play

Victor Fiorillo, a senior writer with Philadelphia magazine who has extensively covered the Bill Cosby scandal, has his sights set on next’ fall’s local Fringe Festival. To get there with what he has tentatively titled The Bill Cosby Assault, he is looking for at least $10,000 on Kickstarter.

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Producing the play independent of Phillymag, Fiorillo has gathered Philadelphia theater personalities like James Ijames, Amy Smith and Jennifer Kidwell to develop The Bill Cosby Assault, which still is only in very early development. It will be Fiorillo’s first professional foray into writing and producing theater.

It is, ostensibly, an off-the-wall idea — one that is at once challenging and intriguing, if only for its controversial feel. But, like The Laramie Project or The Last Days of Mankind before it, The Bill Cosby Assault could well provide an important, somewhat distanced lens through which we as a society can organize our thoughts on the situation at hand. Emotion, after all, is more powerful than information when it comes to worldview.

Article author Nick Vadala goes on to share a recent Q&A he did with Fiorillo. The latter reveals that at this early stage, one of Cosby’s accusersKristina Ruehli – is the first and (at press time) largest contributor with a donation of $100.

[Screen grab taken from Fiorillo’s Kickstarter promo video]