A Journalist With Multiple Pseudonyms

Victor de la Serna continues to playfully patrol several different beats.

ElMundoVinoLogoIf you’re not familiar with Spain’s Victor de la Serna, this week’s Q&A on price-comparison website Wine Searcher is as good a place to start as any. The interview is also a reminder that these days, on the web, content pours from all sources.

De la Serna’s father was a diplomat and pioneering food writer in Spain. Because of the former line of work, the family lived in Switzerland in the early 1960s, where de la Serna’s colorful life really took hold. From the interview:

“The first European basketball cup final that Real Madrid [the basketball team] ever played was in Geneva in 1962, when I was a kid there. I was a football fan – basketball in Switzerland was non-existent. But my father was a good friend of the boss of Real Madrid at the time, and I got to spend a week guiding the team around Geneva. A year later we moved to New York, and I began scouting for Real at the age of 16.”

In the pages of Spanish newspaper El Mundo, in addition to writing about wine, de la Serna covers basketball under the pseudonym Vincente Salaner and food under the pseudonym Fernando Point. He also owns a winery, Finca Sandoval, where everything was basically created from scratch after the land was purchased from his wife’s family in 1998. De la Serna holds a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University.

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