Vice Sees Trends, We Shake Heads In Disappointment Like the Confused, Old People We Are


From PSFK, we found Vice Magazine‘s The Vice Global Trend Report 2007,” which takes a look at what’s going on with fashion in some of the bigger cities across this big blue world of ours. The verdict: in terms of what people are wearing, this year already stinks. Or, alternately, maybe we’re just getting older. No, that’s not it, because we still kinda “get” fashion every once in a while. We’re pretty sure it’s just that that “mutt” look is in right now. In Melbourne, the two people on display look like they’re pining for the late 50’s, early 60’s. In Berlin, it’s the 80’s. In Paris, it’s that robots have invaded and made people wear things that robots like to wear. Our favorites of the bunch (though it’s all fun to look at)? Helsinki, because it reminds us of people in Chicago (“Crap, it’s March. We don’t care how we look. It’s cold.”). Barcelona also seems kind of okay too.