Vice President Joe Biden Joins Twitter

Despite it being a national holiday, the Vice President was hard at work this Fourth of July. Vice President Biden and his staff set up a Twitter account, the first for his office, and sent out the very first tweet on Monday.

Just two weeks after President Obama sent out his very first tweet from his Office’s account, Biden jumped on the Twitter bandwagon himself.

The Office of VP Biden account (@VP) has sent out only one tweet since its creation yesterday, a message from Biden and his wife for the troops:

@VP has been slowly amassing followers, rocketing from under 200 yesterday to about 9,000 today.

As the White House blog post announcing the new account explains, @VP will be used to “keep followers up to speed on all things happening in the Office of the Vice President (OVP)”, including his official duties, travels and some behind-the-scenes glimpses of life as the Vice President.

This new official White House Twitter account is part of a larger strategy to embrace social media and harness it for Obama’s re-election efforts. In addition to Obama tweeting personally from time to time, the White House will be hosting a Twitter Town Hall on July 6th.

One thing that needs pointing out here is how short the VP’s Twitter name is. I don’t know how he and his team snagged the two-character @VP handle, but they must’ve done some serious negotiations with Twitter before the 4th. All of the single and double character usernames have been taken for some time, ideal for users because their shortness encourages retweets. I just hope the VP’s Office understands what a boon they have, and uses it to its full extent!