Vice President Biden To Do His First Twitter Interview Today

Vice President Joe Biden will be taking your questions today – as long as they’re 140 characters or less.

His schedule might be packed – they had to move the event by 20 minutes – but Vice President Biden is happy to try his hand at interacting with the public on one of the social media platforms that propelled the President to the White House four years ago.

Following Tuesday’s State of the Union Address (which caused quite a stir on Twitter itself), the Vice President will answer questions from Twitter users today at 1:10pm ET.

If you’d like to get your question answered by the Vice President, tweet using the #SOTU or #WHchat hashtags. The office of the Vice President will be working with Twitter to choose the questions that the V.P. will answer at 1:10 ET this afternoon.

You can follow the entire Twitter interview with the Vice President on the @gov Twitter handle, and see Biden’s responses on his own @VP account.

Before he answers your Twitter questions, Vice President Biden will be speaking to workers at a manufacturing facility in Rochester, New Hampshire about the government’s plans to promote partnerships between community colleges and businesses to create jobs. He’ll stick around the facility to log on and answer the 140 character questions.

You can read the full press release explaining the V.P.’s first foray into Twitter at the White House website.