Vibe Editor Sues Site Over Posts Attacking His Wife

The editor-in-chief of hip-hop magazine Vibe wants to hunt down the anonymous author of an online rant who called his wife “an ugly wilderbeast [sic]” and accused him of using his position to steer business to her PR company, according to a recent lawsuit.
The poison pen poster, who goes by the name BETonBlack, also posted a photo of the couple’s child on the Web site.
Vibe editor Jermaine Hall and his wife, Leslie, slapped, an online bulletin board dedicated to music, race and celebrity gossip, with legal papers demanding the name of the phantom flamer who they say has libeled them.
On Nov. 7, BETonBlack wrote that Leslie Hall “has a business called Iced Media where [Jermaine Hall] has hooked her up with contracts and clients”—an assertion that the couple denies.
It wasn’t the only time the poster attacked Leslie Hall; in other posts, BETonBlack has called Hall “a butt ugly heiffer [sic],” “the homeliest ugliest busted decrepit disgusting wilderbeast [sic]” and Jermaine Hall’s “manly fangled deranged rhymes with hacker wife.”
Race appears to have been the reason for BETonBlack’s venom. The flamer took offense at the Halls’ interracial marriage and alleged that there are few black photographers, editors or writers at the magazine.
In addition to the identity of BETonBlack, the couple is also seeking damages for defamation, claiming the statements were intended to harm their reputations and livelihood.
Calls to the Halls and their lawyer were not immediately returned. did not immediately respond to a request for comment.