Viacom Wins Reversal | Facebook on Nasdaq | Twitter’s Spam War

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Viacom Wins Reversal in Landmark YouTube Case (Reuters)
A U.S. appeals court dealt Google Inc a major defeat by reviving lawsuits by Viacom Inc, the English Premier League and various other media companies over the use of copyrighted videos on Google’s YouTube service without permission. Bloomberg Viacom sued in 2007, seeking $1 billion in damages and claiming that YouTube users were illegally uploading thousands of videos of Viacom television programs, such as South Park and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and movies from its Paramount Pictures studio. ZDNet The case translates to putting the burden of responsibility back on the website owner, rather than the uploader, which could send massive ripples through the online community from search engines to social networks, like Facebook and Google+. Gizmodo The outcome of the case will hinge entirely on whether YouTube “knew” that all of this copyrighted material was out there and what “knowing” actually means.

How We’re Making Even More 3D Video Available on YouTube (YouTube Blog)
“We’re expanding the beta to all of you by adding automatic 3D conversion for short-form videos uploaded in 1080p,” YouTube said on its official blog. SocialTimes The 2D to 3D conversion feature was released in beta last September but began rolling out to everyone Thursday. Cnet It’s unclear how popular this sort of gimmickry will turn out to be. If videos weren’t shot in 3D in the first place, the effect tends to fall flat when it’s tossed on top of video content. Plus, 3D can get old quite quickly if the effects aren’t impressive.

Facebook Is Said to Pick Nasdaq for IPO (The New York Times / Dealbook)
It is a significant coup for the exchange, which has been embroiled in a fierce battle with the New York Stock Exchange for the darlings of Silicon Valley. Betabeat The New York Stock Exchange has attracted many of the top technology companies, including LinkedIn and Pandora, but NASDAQ was the more historical choice. The Next Web Recent technology IPOs have performed strongly, giving Facebook a tailwind as it heads into its final weeks as a private company. The IPO itself has the potential to inject huge sums into the angel market, as longtime Facebook employees find their stock suddenly liquid.

Russia’s Facebook is ‘Holding Back’ Digital Music (paidContent)
VKontakte, which is often called a Facebook copycat for its similar features and design, includes built-in file sharing. In a case brought by one label group, Gala, St Peterburg’s commercial court in January ruled vKontakte in breach of copyright. SocialTimes So can the social networking site be to blame? While it has never been easy to link piracy to decreasing sales, the major labels’ revenue has been declining almost year to year since Napster was founded in 1999, and it’s been said that since that time online music piracy has burgeoned.

Reddit Users Team Up to Defeat SOPA Lawmaker Lamar Smith (Mashable)
A group of Reddit users think that Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX.), author of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), has got to go — and they’ve formed TestPAC, a Political Action Committee, to give him the boot. TestPAC has already bought a massive billboard in Smith’s backyard of San Antonio, Texas and it’s running an anti-Smith ad across Texas.

Happy Birthday Nyan Cat! (The Daily Dot)
The video of the smiling cat with a Pop Tart body and a rainbow coming out of its rear was uploaded to YouTube a year ago with the high-pitched song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” playing on repeat. It was called the Nyan Cat and 69 million views later, it is still making people smile – and plug their ears in disgust.