Anonymous Blogger VFX Soldier Finally Does an Interview

Several major media outlets have been chasing after an interview with the anonymous author of the entertainment industry blog VFX Soldier. In the end, the proponent of unionizing visual effects workers and doing away with international production subsidies chose to give one to Bob Oedy, lead organizer with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

Oedy says that if people within the film and TV industry knew who VFX Soldier was, they’d be “blown away.” The blogger chooses to remain anonymous to avoid being blackballed and told Oedy his biggest media moment came earlier this spring:

“The topic that garnered the most response were my posts dedicated to recent statements made to investors by Digital Domain CEO John Textor. In candid recordings he told investors that he hoped to open schools where the government would give him grants and [VFX] students would pay him tuition so they could work on some of the projects they intend to make money off of. What caused the most outrage was when he declared, ‘Free labor is better than cheap labor.'”

“While Mr Textor has apologized, what made the story so important in my view wasn’t what he said but how it proved even my staunchest opponents wrong… The response was immense with follow-ups happening on all kinds of websites and in newspapers.”

VFX Soldier says they are preparing to launch a crowd-sourced, law firm-aligned effort to challenge the international subsidies that cause so many VFX jobs to wind up overseas. To read the complete interview on Oedy’s blog VFX Success, click here.