VF’s Monica Lewinsky Essay Hits Digital Newsstands

lewinskyOne of the most talked about news stories of the week – Monica Lewinsky’s personal essay in the May 13 issue of Vanity Fair – was released today to digital and mobile subscribers of the magazine.

In it, Lewinsky attempts to redefine herself, not as “America’s B.J. Queen, That Intern, That Vixen…That Woman,” and goes on to add, “It may surprise you to learn that I’m actually a person.”

Earlier this week, VF previewed the essay – highlighting Lewinsky’s gratefulness for a lack of social media when the scandal broke, her trouble securing employment, the topic of a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidency, and her reaction to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers freshman seen kissing a man via a secretly streamed webcam, which in part, led her to pen the essay.

While Tuesday’s outline previews Lewinsky’s essay at hand, the full piece personifies her struggle to successfully overcome a decision of a 24 year old intern, 16 years in the past.

“I field the usual calls from friends who lend moral support whenever these volcanic media stories erupt,” writes Lewinsky. “I hit the computer. Time for a little self-Google…My heart sinks. There’s an explosion on Google News. I know what this means. Whatever day I’ve had planned has been jettisoned. To leave the house – and risk a photo – only ensures that the story will stay alive.”

The full story is available in VF digital editions. The print issue will hit national newsstands on May 13.