VF’s ‘Bookopticon’: A Meaningless Guide to Publishing a Maybe-Successful Book

Following today’s publication of Vanity Fair‘s decidedly unhandy interactive “Bookopticon” graphic, aspiring novelists and memoirists will have just as difficult a time navigating the New York publishing world as they did before.

The infographic shows little about how the book-publishing world actually operates, and its chief entertainment value is watching the animated arrows crawl across the screen — from And the Heart Says Whatever author Emily Gould through Gawker to “Yellow Journalism” all the way to William Randolph Hearst, for example. Another revelation: Both John Belushi and Bill Clegg, who wrote Portrait of an Addict, did some form of cocaine. John Belushi worked for “Saturday Night Live.” So did Elliot Allagash author Simon Rich. And so on.

Thanks for ironing out all those tenuous connections, guys.