Vevo Scores With Unexpected Covers

New series generates views, Miracle Whip sponsor

Here's the premise behind Vevo's new original series Unexpected Covers. Take a musical artist or group one end of the musical spectrum, like say Passion Pit, and have them perform a cover of a song from a more popular group, in their own genre-bending style. 

In episode 1, Passion Pit performs fun's Carry On, with just a singer accompanied by piano. So far, the show has generated over 627,000 views in five days on YouTube, plus lots more on the band's Vevo channel. Not a bad start for a new series.

Plus, Vevo has nabbed Miracle Whip as the premiere sponsor of Unexpected Covers, as the non-mayo brand looks to glom onto the show's expectation-defying nature. Check out the clip below: