VEVO Reports 44 Billion Views During the 1st Half of 2013

Nude models in ‘Blurred Lines’ video oddly popular

VEVO celebrated a number of records this year, including a 24-hour viewership benchmark for Miley Cyrus (10.7 million in a 24-hour period for the “We Can’t Stop” video) that was broken a few weeks later by One Direction, whose video for “Best Song Ever” scared up 12.3 million views in one day.

Controversy was a help, rather than a hindrance—“Best Song Ever” attracted snark for borrowing a few bars from a song by The Who, sparking a rumor that the iconic group was perparing to sue the popular boy band. While that proved to be unfounded, it didn’t stem the tide of uninformed rage:

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video (aka, the one with all the beautiful naked women) managed to get the artist a spot on the Billboard Top 100, and VEVO generally showed marked improvement over 2012. For the second quarter alone, VEVO tracked 12.38 billion streams globally vs. 9.63 billion for the same period the year before.

Interestingly, VEVO showed variation between most-watched and most-shared videos—only two (Ariana Grande’s “The Way” and Rihanna’s “Stay”) showed up on both lists. One Direction had two spots on the most-shared list but none on the most-watched list, proving that while the fan base may be, in its own words “psychotic and delusional,” it is perhaps not as large as some other groups of aficionados.

VEVO had more than 900 brand partners during the period tracked, including Coke, McDonald’s AmEx and Sony. It’s also experimenting with a linear television channel in the US and Canada developed by “human programmers.”