Very Impressed by Rooted Nook Color – Barnes & Noble Providing Their Own Froyo Update Next Year

I wrote off Barnes and Nobles’ Nook ebook reader as an also-ran after seeing the first generation device last year. So, I noticed but did not pay follow-up attention to the announcement of the Android-powered Nook Color device with a touch screen for $249 a few weeks ago.

A friend of mine, however, not only paid attention but actually bought a Nook Color, rooted it, and showed me apps like Angry Birds and Amazon’s Kindle app running on the Nook Color. Angry Birds looked good on the large display (relative to Android smarpthones). Game play was smooth and the touch screen seemed as responsive as was required to play the game. The Nook Color’s web browser also looked and felt good (much much better than the awful web browser on Amazon’s Kindle).

Barnes and Noble announced that they will provide an official Froyo (Android OS 2.2) update for the Nook Color which will include an app store of some kind (but not the Android Market).

Nook Color getting Android 2.2 and Market in January, current hacks could make it blow up? (update) (Engadget via Smartphone Mag)

If don’t feel like rooting your phone, you may want to wait a few weeks until the official Froyo update appears. It may not let you get access to Angry Birds, however. And, as you might imagine, the odds of the Kindle app being made available is zero.

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