Novelist Andrea Cremer Chose Veronica Mars Over a Summer Vacation

The best part of Dave Itzkoff’s look at the forthcoming crowd-funded Veronica Mars movie are the personal details about some of the film’s high-end Kickstarter donors.

One guy, Cyrus Chung, is described by his wife Ina in the article as being more excited on-set in Los Angeles as a Veronica Mars extra than he was on their wedding day! The couple ponied up $3,000 for that privilege. Meanwhile, Andrea Cremer, author of the popular Young Adult novel series Nightshade, made a personal sacrifice when she pledged $2,500:

“It’s a big chunk of money,” Ms. Cremer said. “I was planning on going on vacation this summer, and it was like, well, either vacation budget or Veronica Mars.”

Cremer says she was motivated by the desire to make sure a movie would occur so as to answer the question of whether Veronica gets back together with sometime-boyfriend Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring). Another high-level Veronica Mars donor was HarperCollins senior children’s books editor Kari Sutherland. The movie opens March 14 in approximately 270 theaters.

Itzkoff’s piece, online now, is set to appear in the Sunday March 9 NYT print editions.