Verizon's 4G Phone Will Only Matter if 5GB Data Caps Go Away

Reading this item in the Wall Street Journal, I wondered, why would anyone need 4G speed for a phone?

Verizon to Sell Motorola 4G Phone

That might have been a valid question back in the days of horrible mobile web browsers, minimal mobile content, and spotty media sources. But, today we have excellent mobile browsers, good and growing mobile content, and lots of media including HD movies that could be downloaded while on the move if 4G becomes widely available and is not capped at 5GB per month as Verizon currently does. There’s also the desire to tether other devices like tablets, netbooks, and notebooks to a broadband enabled phone.

But, if Verizon and other carriers cap data to a mere 5GB per month (with expensive options to use more data), I wonder if 4G speed will matter after all? FYI, 5GB of data is roughly the amount of data needed to download 2 HD movies.