Verizon Wireless: Keep Your Phone on at the Movies

movie theater clipart.jpgAs if it’s not hard enough to get moviegoers to silence their cell phones once the film starts, Verizon Wireless is using a new marketing ploy designed to keep all those phones in the on position throughout all that stuff they show on the screen before the feature presentation.

The wireless carrier teamed with Screenvision on a text-message polling system that’s launching on some 7,000 screens in 10 US metro areas next week, Fierce Mobile Content reports.

Part of Screenvision’s pre-show entertainment, the polls will survey the audience on music preference as a way to promote Verizon’s V CAST Song ID service. The results will be displayed on-screen in real-time.

The operator also produced two music-oriented short films that will be shown as part of the pre-show promotion.

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