Verizon Wireless Blocking OpenDNS Service – Is it Blocking Google Public DNS Too?

Several years ago an odd interaction between my broadband provider’s DNS (Domain Name Service) servers and a recent Mac OS X update left me unable to reliably and quickly use the web. Neither my broadband company nor Apple provided a quick fix. So, I pointed the Mac at OpenDNS’ DNS servers ( and That fixed the problem and I continue to point OpenDNS’ free DNS server service. OpenDNS has a reputation for being much more reliable (zero down time) and faster than ISPs like my broadband provider.

OpenDNS claims that Verizon Wireless is blocking the use of OpenDNS’ services.

Q&A with OpenDNS: We’re being blocked, FCC should act on net neutrality (Washington Post)

This is important to you if you use Verizon Wireless 3G service on a netbook or notebook (integrated 3G, USB dongle, or MiFi). I wonder if Verizon Wireless is also blocking Google’s Public DNS service?

Google Public DNS

Via DSL Reports: OpenDNS: We’re Being Blocked By Verizon Wireless Wants FCC to act on network neutrality protections