Verizon Wireless 3G/4G Data Plan Moving from Unlimited to 2GB/Month on July 7

Take a good long look at the current Verizon Wireless 3G and 4G data plan that charges $29.99 a month for unlimited data. It will disappear this week Thursday (July 7) and will be replaced by a plan that costs more than AT&T’s similar plan.

Verizon confirms it will ditch unlimited smartphone data plans starting July 7 (Fierce Wireless)

Verizon to eliminate unlimited data plans (Reuters)

AT&T charges $25 a month for 2GB of 3G data. Verizon’s 2GB plan will cost $30. Both carriers charge $10 for each 1GB over the quota. Verizon will offer a 5GB a month palan for $50 and 10GB a month for $80.

Fierce Wireless reported that current customers with the unlimited plan will be able to keep it. They will also be able maintain the plan when they upgrade to a new smartphone.

New smartphone customers (on or after July 7) may need to keep an eye on their plan if they, for example, plan to upload a lot of photos or videos or stream video (e.g., Netflix) or audio (e.g, Pandora).