Verizon Went All Out To Get Facebook Fans on Cyber Monday

Verizon has been going all out over the last few weeks to attract fans to its Facebook Page, as part of the company’s end of the year media and marketing blitz supporting the launch of the Motorola Droid (and attacking rival AT&T). Last week according to PageData, the company had the third-highest growth among official Pages, gaining 195,003 fans for an increase of 50.4%. However, that growth is not nearly as fast as what we saw it do yesterday for Cyber Monday.

Throughout the day, Verizon must have been spending copious amounts on Facebook Ads. It grew from Sunday’s 584,649 fans to 666,083 fans by 3:26 PM PST yesterday (when we noticed our first Facebook Verizon ad).

By 10:52 PM PST, as the second screenshot shows, the Page had reached 738,963 fans for a one day gain of more than 150,000 fans.

As far as what is going on on the Page itself, Verizon is offering a deal on their FiOS broadband/TV/phone package, has exclusive Green Day concert footage “for fans only” and of course has all of its commercials available in the Page’s video tab.

Obviously, no brand can pay for this kind of growth all the time, but coupled with Verizon’s constant stream of TV commercials and the start of the shopping season, Verizon is making a strong push to build out its Facebook Page as a major messaging channel. If it keeps up this pace, it could reach the million-fan mark in a week or so.