Verizon Selling its First Windows Phone Device Starting May 26: HTC Trophy

Windows Phone 7’s launch last Fall had some interesting twists for those of us in the United States. Windows Phone devices were available in Europe a month earlier than the U.S. And, when it launched in the U.S., devices were not available on the two CDMA networks: Sprint and Verizon. Sprint picked up a device earlier this year. But, Verizon’s first Windows Phone device is only now in the pipeline.

Verizon HTC Trophy on sale May 26 (Microsoft Windows Phone Blog)

The HTC Trophy follows the design specifications Microsoft laid out for the first round of hardware devices with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5 megapixel camera (no front facing camera), and 720p video capture. It adds virtual surround sounds with SRS WOW HD like the HTC Surround sold by AT&T Wireless. The Trophy does not have the slideout speaker found in the 7 Surround, however.

Verizon is adding the incentive of a free Xbox 360 game (up to $60) for people who buy an HTC Trophy before July 15.

Microsoft announcement about their next major update for Windows Phone (“Mango”) is on May 24. So, those who buy a Trophy on May 26 will have a clear roadmap of what is ahead for them.