Verizon Offering Free WiFi to its Broadband Customers: Starbucks in VZ’s Hotspot List

Boingo has provided WiFi hotspot service to Verizon customers for six years. They announced that Verizon has renewed the contract for another four years…

Verizon Renews Platform Services Agreement with Boingo

Verizon, in turn, announced…

Verizon Broadband Better Than Ever With Free Wi-Fi

This free WiFi hotspot service extends to FiOS (Verizon’s fiber optic data service) customers and HSi customers with downstream service greater than 3Mbps.

One of the places Verizon/Boingo’s hotspot service can be found in is Starbucks where AT&T established presence after edging out T-Mobile for the Starbucks hotspot business. Since AT&T service to phones like the iPhone is locked to the device, this should make the Verizon offer to home broadband customers very appealing. The ability to use a netbook or notebook using Verizon’s free WiFi hotspot service should make life interesting for AT&T.