Verizon Mobile Recovery

The remote lock and recovery service that iPhone users can get with Apple’s MobileMe service has received a lot of positive press, therefore several companies are selling similar services for other mobile phones. Verizon has jumped on the bandwagon by announcing the Mobile Recovery application as part of their Total Equipment Coverage program. The Total Equipment Coverage program provides insurance if your phone is lost or stolen for $7.99 per month for smartphones. The Mobile Recovery app works on Android, WebOS, and Blackberry phones and provides the ability to remotely lock and wipe the phone. You can also have the program sound an alarm to help find the phone if it has been misplaced.

While Verizon’s Total Equipment Coverage program is a little bit less than MobileMe ($95.88 vs. $99) and includes insurance if the phone is lost or stolen, MobileMe provides many more features than the Mobile Recovery app. MobileMe also provides e-mail, calendar, and contacts synchronization between an iPhone, iPad, and Macs plus 20 GB of file storage.