Verizon May Add a 5GB Per Month Pre-Paid Data Tier. Prepare to $80 Per Month

Verizon Wireless announced their prepaid mobile broadband price structure in April I noted then that their tiered prices were astronomically high.
$15 for one day with a 75MB limit
$30 for one week with a 250MB limit
$50 for one month with a 500MB limit
Engadget reports that Verizon plans to add a fourth pre-paid tier that provides more data per month but at an extremely high cost.
Verizon launching $80 5GB prepaid data plan next month, FiveSpot too?
Verizon charges $60 per month (expensive but the same price as other carriers) for 5GB of data for post-paid plans.
Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Plans