Verizon iPhone 4 3G Data Plan to Change from Unlimited to Limited This Summer: No Outrage Expected

When Verizon Wireless launched the CDMA iPhone 4 on their network last month, they provided an unlimited 3G wireless data service option for $30 per month. It was reasonably clear from the start, however, that this unlimited monthly service was an introductory and temporary one. This is in contrast to AT&T which provided a $30 per month unlimited 3G data plan for the iPad when it launched on their network in May 2010. However, the plan was pulled back a month later to be replaced by a 2GB plan which cost $25 per month. Customers who had started with the unlimited plan were grandfathered for that plan as long as they continued to pay the no-contract $30 per fee each month.
Buesines Week reports that Verizon Wireless will stop offering the $30 per month unlimited 3G plan for their iPhone 4 customers sometime this summer.
Verizon Wireless Will End Unlimited Data Plans for IPhone
The impending change should not cause customer outrage since it was known from the start that the unlimited plan was an introductory offer.