Verizon Introduces Facebook Widget for FiOS Subscribers

Verizon introduced its Widget Bazaar for FiOS customers is select states today, and among the options is a Facebook widget, a first for a TV service.

With the widget, you’ll be able to update your status with what TV program you’re watching at the time, and see friends’ updates and profile pictures on one side of the screen. You’ll also be able to view photo albums. Browsing through pictures on a big screen TV is great for sharing with large groups, and will most likely appeal to older users who primarily use Facebook to keep up with family members and see the latest shots of the grandkids.



For now, the service only supports one profile per FiOS box, but this should be rectified soon. Verizon has stated that multiple profiles should be available within a matter of weeks.

The Verizon Widget Bazaar is only accessible to a limited number of developers, and Verizon is maintaining complete control over what’s coming down the pipe. Initial rollout is limited, but a number of other popular services, such as Twitter, are represented in this first batch.

Verizon is obviously taking aim at other cable and satellite providers, as well as trying to offer services similar to those available for the PS3 and Xbox. While these widgets won’t replace their full-featured counterparts on the internet, it will give people on the fence about which TV service provider to choose something to think about.

[images via Gizmodo]