Verizon Details Open Network Strategy

When Verizon Wireless opens its network to third-party devices, it’s not limiting them to cell phones.

Reuters spoke with the company’s CEO Lowell McAdam at the Verizon Wireless developer’s conference in New York yesterday and found out that the cellco hopes to have “a few hundred thousand” third-party devices running on its network this year, starting in Q3.

McAdam told Reuters that Verizon Wireless hopes to add all sorts of devices, from camera and MP3 players to carbon-monoxide detectors, in an effort to boost revenue.

It sounds like the only difference for consumers is that they’ll be able to go out and buy any compatible device instead of having to buy it directly from the cellco. The service fees will be the same to use the device over Verizon’s network, but there’ll be no saving hundreds of dollars on a phone for signing up for a two-year agreement.

Or, the developers can set up their own MVNO sort of deal by “renting” a chunk of the network and billing users directly.

Also, don’t get your hopes up for an iPhone running on the Verizon Wireless Network. McAdam told Reuters that there have been no discussions with Apple.