Verizon Customers Using More Wireless Data Than AT&T But is Not Overwhelmed

Yesterday (July 27) was Bugs Bunny’s 70th anniversary. And, I can picture the “wascally wabbit” (with a tip of the hat to Elmer Fudd) munching a carrot, looking at an AT&T logo and asking, “Eh, what’s up doc?”. Why? First, that’s a valid question for AT&T’s network in general and its ability to maintain a call. I’ve had enough dropped calls on my few iPhone calls to grab either my Droid (Verizon) or Nexus One (T-Mobile) to make important calls that I really really do not want to have dropped. AT&T has been saying that its poor underpowered network is being deluged by iPhone users and their high 3G wireless data usage. A number of people, including me, wondered if other carriers’ 3G networks would suffer a similar fate if they were asked to handle iPhone 3G data usage.
If we believe the report from wireless billing firm Validas reported by InformationWeek, it looks like the answer is, Verizon can and does.
Verizon Users Consume Most Smartphone Data
Here are the key sentences:
1. Verizon Wireless smartphone customers consumed more data than users of other carriers
2. On average, Verizon Wireless smartphones data consumption is 421 megabytes, as opposed to 338 megabytes per month for iPhones, Validas said.
3. As the usage grows, the numbers become more telling: Over 2 gigabytes were used per month by more than 4% of Verizon smartphone customers, as opposed to only 1.6% of iPhone users.