Verizon Adds Mobile Media to Prepaid Offerings

Verizoninpulse.jpgVerizon Wireless tweaked its prepaid calling plans to add access to its V CAST Music, VZ Navigator, and other data services starting today, RCR Wireless News reports.

Here’s how it works:

– INpulse Core plan: $1 per day access fee, unlimited on-network calling, and a 10 cent per minute charge for talk time or a text message.

– INpulse Plus plan: $2 per day access fee, unlimited in-network calling, unlimited night-time minutes and per-minute calling and SMS rates of 5 cents.

– INpulse Power plan: $3 per day, unlimited night and in-network calling, and per-minute and SMS costs of 2 cents.

Customers only get charged on the days they use the phone. For more on the plans, check out Verizon’s Prepaid Web site.

Verizon Wireless expands prepaid offering [RCR Wireless News]