Verizon 4G To Go Live December 5

Verizon has announced pricing and availability for their next generation, 4G LTE data network. The new data service will be turned on in 38 U.S. markets on December 5, 2010 as well as at 60 different commercial airports. There are two pricing plans for the service, $50 per month gets you 5 GB of data, which is the same price and amount of their current 3G service. Verizon is also providing 10 GB per month for $80, and both plans have $10 per GB overage charges.

Verizon says the new data network will be up to 10 times faster than their current 3G network, with real-world download speeds at 5 to 12 megabits per second and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps. Kevin Tofel got a chance to try the new network in Philadelphia and reports that he saw average download speeds of 11.7 Mbps and 5.6 Mbps upload speeds.

Kevin used the LG VL600 USB adapter for his testing with a notebook computer, and at launch only USB adapters will be available. None of the current smartphones that Verizon sells will be able to use the LTE network, and Verizon says it will announce consumer-oriented devices compatible with their LTE network at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.