Vera Wang vs. Vera Neumann: Winner Take ‘Vera’


We head to the wild world of fashion now for the fun report that the legal battle between Vera Wang and the deceased Vera Neumann has come to an end. The two fashion names (Neumann’s is now run by new brand owner, Susan Seid) were fighting over their own first names as Wang was about to launch a new line at a department store with the shorthand title “Simply Vera” at the same time as Seid, owner of The Vera Company, was also planning on a big retail launch, reviving the brand. But aparently, even after Wang’s people countersued, it’s not going to come to fisticuffs after all, as someone paid someone and now everyone’s peachy again. We just hope this never happens with The UnBeige Xtreme Lollipop Emporium of Wonder, because we know it’s a recognizable brand, while also existing as a name that could be applied to most any sort of business.