VentureDig Is Like Twitter for Entrepreneurs

Who really has the time to find all the best new websites and products out on the web?

I don’t, and certainly the creator of this new website, VentureDig, doesn’t either. The founder, Scott, started this Web site within the past month as a sounding board (or micro-blogging board, as he refers to it) for new ventures or entrepreneurs that want to get the word on their new product out there. Or just people that found something they love and want other people to know about it.

Here is how it works:

-Create a profile on the website. Don’t complain- just use one of your hundred other profiles you have done on other sites, including the picture.

-Start thinking about new products, websites, blogs, or even just new features on Facebook that you like so much you need to share it with the world!

-Here is the catch. Share your passion, but share it as a “micro-blog”. In other words, express your newfound love in 140 characters or less.

Twitter seems to have ‘shortened’ the world with their micro-blogging platform. Technology dictates that we do things faster – while doing more things in general. With so many concurrent things to juggle, the convenience offered by VentureDig is a beautiful thing for those of us with limited amounts of time.