Our Review of Facebook-Integrated Products from the DEMO Conference

The annual DEMO conference presents demonstrations and launches of innovative technology products — and on display this year, more than ever, were products that integrated with Facebook’s platform. Here’s our look. See coverage by conference co-producer VentureBeat for more details.


Copia is a social e-reading network and family of devices. Along with traditional e-book marketplace and syncing options, Copia integrates Facebook integrates with Facebook and Twitter so users can join reading groups, share book highlights and annotations, and compare personal libraries with their friends or followers. The company’s bets that by making e-reading more social, users will know what book they want to buy next before they finish their current read, stimulating sales.


TouchRing lets users create an embeddable widget which when clicked, contacts them by voice. Users can set the widget to ring their desktop, mobile phone, or landline. Users can also post a link to sites that don’t support Flash. TouchRing will allow you to post your calling widget to Facebook walls to make it easy for others to call you without distributing your actual phone number.


Picksie is a location-based dining and entertainment suggestion engine which factors in basic factors such as weather, and business open hours. The site and iPad app uses Facebook Connect for log-in, sharing the locations you discover, and to let you see the recommendations of friends.


Bump is a license plate-based social network and communication service that lets you claim your license plate, and list contact information so those who see your car can get in touch with you. Uses include meeting new people and informing someone that their lights or on or meter has expired. Users can connect Bump to their Facebook account to receive Facebook notifications when they’re pinged.


wayConnected lets users create a profile where they can list their contact information and screen names for all their web services, and select different sets of this data to be visible to certain categories of people. Users can then distribute their simple wayConnected ID name, and when a recipient visits their profile, the user can select how much info to show them. wayConnected lets users list their Facebook profile by ID number or vanity URL, and manage who has access to it.

Zappli’s MyShopanion

MyShopanion is an iPhone app which lets users bar code scan, photograph, or search for items they find while shopping and cross-check them against listings from other retailers to find lower prices. Users can also access reviews of the product, or send the listing to their Facebook-populated friend list within the app to get immediate feedback.


Cyncz synchronizes contact information from your email, mobile phone, social networks, and customer relationship management systems, and removes the duplicates. The subscription service will allow users to merge their Facebook friend list with other contacts, or keep different sources side by side. By saving all your contacts to the web, Cyncz could decrease the number of “I Lost My Phone” Facebook Events.


DoubleDutch creates white label, branded geolocation apps for brands and institutions looking to offer a checkin system. The HTML5 and mobile apps let users invite their Facebook friends and post checkins to their walls.


Foound helps users organize meet-ups with their friends by letting them post details and receive responses without separately text messaging multiple people. Users can automatically have the details posted to Facebook, Twitter, or make the hangout public.