Venture Firm Kleiner Perkins to Host “Social Web” Press Event at Facebook Tomorrow

Kleiner Perkins is known for making early investments on some of the leading technology companies today, and more recently for its focus on clean tech and the iOS ecosystem  — but not so known for its internet bets. Yet it will be hosting an event at Facebook tomorrow.

“The media are invited to attend a special event with industry leaders about the future of the social web, hosted by KPCB partner John Doerr,” according to the email we received.

It’s hard to avoid thinking that it might be launching some sort of Facebook-focused investment program, similar to the iFund. Launched in March of 2008, the program was an early bet on Apple’s mobile ecosystem, that was blessed by Apple itself. It put $100 million into companies like mobile game developer Ngmoco — which recently sold to DeNA in a deal that likely brought Kleiner back enough money to repay the fund.

Also, the iFund got re-upped two years later, when the firm put another $100 million into it this past March.

So, are we going to see an, er, fbFund (or maybe fFund?)

Perhaps, but Kleiner is coming in later than it did with iOS. Facebook’s developer ecosystem has matured rapidly since launching in mid 2007. Kleiner has been relatively less involved, albeit with two very notable exceptions. It was a relatively early investor top social gaming company Zynga (some details on that Doerr investment, here), and more recently it has backed mobile/social developer Booyah.

So, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps a fund dedicated to startups that focus not only on the Facebook platform, but on Connect and very new products like Instant Personalization? Facebook has already brought early-stage venture firm Y Combinator for that purpose.

The event starts at 10:30am Pacific Time tomorrow, and we’ll be covering it live.

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