Vent Helps You Share Discontent Anonymously, Socially

vent appSocial places like Facebook allow you to “like” or “block” users and statuses, so if you’re ever gone on an angry, public rant, you may have lost a few friends in the process.  That’s why apps like Secret and Awkward exist, but if you want even more options for anonymous ranting, try Vent. Venting is an escape from frustration.

Use it to let off steam, and unlike Secret, you can use it primarily to Vent with strangers, because misery loves company. Maybe that love should come from the company of strangers ?

With Vent, you can choose your personal state of frustration from calm to furious with variations in between like irritated or angry. There’s no way to set your own level, but five states of Vents seems appropriate for most situations. Like other social sites, you can also choose to follow other users and “fave” any angry status you find appropriately inappropriate.

Vent lets you create a persona, then share your frustrations by choosing your mood on the spectrum of ‘calm’ to ‘furious’ and posting a description of up to 240 characters. We all know that misery enjoys company, so Vent also encourages you to follow other ‘Venters’ and be followed in return. This way you can comment, favourite, keep up with the most popular vents and generally be entertained.



If Venting doesn’t make you feel better about your own sadness, perhaps you can try empathizing with this video: Hitler’s iPhone app is rejected by apple.