Venice Resident Filing Complaint Against Blogger

We admit it.

Sometimes bloggers can cross the line.

And sometimes we need to be put in check, like Venice Beach resident Karen Wolfe plans on doing to Venice Stakeholders Association president and blogger Mark Ryavec.

Ryavec (who sounds like a bit of a nutjob) listed the names and home addresses of 10 politicians, journalists and activists — including Wolfe — on his website as places where the homeless could set up camp and sleep overnight because he considered them advocates in the ongoing battle between Venice residents and transients.

“In light of your vigorous support for the rights of the homeless to sleep on public pedestrian easements over private property, which is what sidewalks and parkways legally are, we are contacting you to ask if you have any objection to our including a photograph and address of your residence in camping guide,” Ryavec wrote.

Wolfe is planning on filing a complaint with the LAPD against Ryavec after an anonymous comment was posted on the LA Weekly‘s website.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Wolfe said she feels threatened by the post, especially after the L.A. Weekly ran a piece on it and an anonymous online commenter expressed violent support for Ryavec’s move.

“If we are all lucky, one of them will be unfortunately insane, come up to you and give you a big thank-you for your help and then slit your throat,” read the comment, which has since been removed.

Posting the address of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa or the LAT is one thing, but you’re asking for trouble once you start outing where private citizens live.

How soon before Ryavec’s address and photo appears on a website?