Vendors Attempt to Eliminate Mobile Video Jitters

It’s not news to anyone who’s tried to watch video on their cell phones that most of it, while of passable quality, comes nowhere near the smoothness and clarity of desktop video streaming. It’s a lot like the tiny, thumbnail-sized jerky videos of the late 1990’s on the desktop.

Many efforts are underway to remedy the problem–including broadcast mobile TV, which Verizon recently launched in the US under their V CAST brand, but only on a few select handsets. Here’s another: Avot just launched mV, a new ad-supported service that allows users to search for, watch and share mobile videos in relative real time, MediaPost reports.

“Most mobile video platforms use a transcoding process to convert desktop content to mobile format, but that often creates jitter and lag, degrades the video quality and can make watching mobile video a painful process,” Brian Sathianathan, founder and president of the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Avot, said in the article. “Avot mV eliminates that process whether the user is on a smartphone or something like a Motorola Rzr.”

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