Vello: Send group video greetings and e-gifts on iOS

Image via Vello

In an increasingly mobile world, where friends and family may be separated by many real-world miles, mobile app developers are releasing new ways for everyone to remain connected. Enter Vello, a mobile greeting app that allows users to send video greetings to their friends, colleagues, neighbors, family and more, whether as a solo participant, or as one of many.

The Vello application is free to download and use on iOS. It allows one or more users to create their own virtual greeting card of sorts, in the form of a video containing a personal message. In the case of group messages, each user records their own separate video, with the whole group of videos being stitched together by the application before being sent to the actual recipient.

What’s more, each participant in a video chain can choose to send an e-gift to the recipient, selecting from over 500 stores, including the likes of Adidas, American Eagle, Bass Pro Shops and more.

Overall, the Vello app looks to “bridge the gap and bring long-distance loved ones together at the most important times,” but the app can also be used to replace ‘going away’ cards, ‘get well’ messages, or even ‘congratulations’ cards, which used to be passed around the office.

Now, instead of one employee taking the initiative to create a card, and then having to worry about whether each important colleague was in attendance to sign the card, or whether everyone was capable of contributing to the final gift, the Vello app allows each user to do their own part, while still creating a meaningful product for the final recipient.

Vello is now available to download for free on iOS. The app’s most recent update came this week, offering iOS7 support, among other small tweaks. Check back soon to follow Vello on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.