Vegas World: FlowPlay’s all-in-one casino MMORPG for mobile, browser and more

Earlier this month, the makers of Trophy Slots released Club Casino on Facebook, an all-in-one casino game based on the gameplay of Vegas World from FlowPlay. While Club Casino features many of the same games found in Vegas World proper, FlowPlay’s original experience is charging ahead with its own complete launch across browser, Facebook, iOS and Android tablets.

Vegas World offers a social casino MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) experience to players, which is cross-platform across all devices. Players create customizable avatars, and can then dive into a variety of casual casino games, ranging from Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Blackjack to Solitaire and Bingo.

A particularly unique game, Fringo, offers a mix of Slot Machine and Bingo play. Fruits slide across the top of the screen, and players can tap on matching fruits on their board. As they fill lines across the slot machine reels, they’ll earn points for those completed “Fringos.” Only a limited number of fruits are available in each game, so the amount of claimed “Fringos” in each game can mean the difference between winning a lot of coins, or only a few.

As players earn coins, they’ll level up and unlock new items, including upgradable, customizable hotel suites that their avatars can call home. Players start in a small and dingy hotel home, with cracked and peeling wallpaper, but can eventually become a high roller, living in a diamond suite, complete with diamond chandeliers.

Everything in Vegas World is completed in a social environment thanks to in-game chat, but additional social features are available between friends and strangers alike. The game’s Charm system, for instance, can see users “buying a round” of Drink Charms for the group, which increases everyone’s luck and/or payouts for a limited period of time.

These Charms can also be purchased manually, with different charms having a larger or lesser effect on the game. Champagne Charms, for instance, will last longer than Beer Charms. FlowPlay CEO Derrick Morton tells Inside Mobile Apps that even if users don’t wish to purchase their own Charms, it’s “only a matter of time” before someone will inevitably buy a round for the room. Charms are also given out to the player for free when they first join the game.

This idea of boosting earnings and increasing player luck is at the core of what FlowPlay has tried to do with Vegas World. Charms each come with power meters of sorts, which fill as players continue to bet their virtual coins. When the meters fill, they overflow and reward additional coins back to the player.

Other developers encourage users to spend money to replace they coins they’ve lost due to bad luck, says Morton. Vegas World instead offers items for purchase that will increase players’ coin balances over time, even after the initial purchase.

Elsewhere, players are provided even more free coins by simply playing with others at the same time. For instance, a group of eight players in a single slot machine room will all automatically contribute a portion of their wagered coins to a cumulative pot. Every 10-15 minutes, the pot is divided among the players via a “little bit of magic,” which does slightly alter the payouts for those that have contributed the most to the overall winnings pool.

“Vegas World is redefining the category of social gaming by not only allowing players to share their gaming experience, but to interact on a much more personal level within a virtual world environment,” added Morton in a company statement. “This highly social atmosphere is fundamental in driving the player loyalty and retention that gives us industry leading metrics. Once you become a part of this community, it becomes part of your life.”

Vegas World is now available to play for free on, Facebook, iOS and Android tablets. The game has already accumulated over one million player registrations during its soft-launch period, and FlowPlay is now working to increase that figure even more. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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