Vegas City, Bar World and More on This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by MAU

Thanksgiving didn’t change much on our weekly AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users — more or less the same mix of large and small developers is present with only a couple new entrants. Here’s the full list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Vegas City2,746,935+877,045+47%
2. FrontierVille29,271,413+603,957+2%
3. Island God1,515,461+419,956+38%
4. Hollywood City3,107,475+414,168+15%
5. Epic Fighters721,374+381,723+112%
6. Crime City6,256,827+327,563+6%
7. Bar World635,811+310,334+95%
8. Ravenwood Fair4,429,099+307,112+7%
9. La sfida delle città501,394+294,670+143%
10. City of Wonder6,443,840+291,101+5%
11. 寵物戰爭304,017+279,583+1,144%
12. Simply Hospital2,944,742+278,463+10%
13. Social City5,775,591+222,009+4%
14. Bubble Island5,682,563+216,981+4%
15. Monster World5,190,136+215,910+4%
16. 德州撲克(中文版)3,354,700+213,853+7%
17. Mighty Pirates581,274+211,889+57%
18. Car Town7,213,091+203,820+3%
19. Puzzle Saga349,324+191,980+122%
20. OyunPark356,718+186,251+109%

As before, Digital Chocolate has multiple games on this list. This time it’s four of the top five: Vegas City, Island God, Hollywood City and Epic Fighters. The problem for all of these games is relatively low stickiness, or the percent of monthly actives coming back daily.

But while some commenters have made this problem out to be a fatal flaw for DC, it’s not clear yet that the company can’t continue with relatively low stickiness, since its better games have shown good long-term growth to offset their lower DAU. It’s also worth noting that quite a few of the games on the list also have DAU / MAU lower than 15 percent, perhaps signaling a new norm for certain genres.

Crime City comes in sixth, after the flood of DC games. Although its growth of 327,563 new MAU is still strong, we can see from the game’s MAU chart that the gains are slowing:

Next up is Bar World, a new take on the nightclub-management style of game. Most games that have sought to follow in Nightclub City’s footsteps have failed to impress, but Bar World may be able to do well, based on our review of the game. Bar World may also be able to benefit from scooping up departing Nightclub City players; the latter game has lost about two million MAU in two months.