Vegans Furious after Vegan Magazine VegNews Admits to Using Picture of Meat for Recipes

Vegans are a generally peaceful bunch. But that doesn’t mean you can just walk all over them.

VegNews, a vegan magazine and website, was shamed last week after a vegan blog revealed that the magazine’s editorial staff regularly used images of MEAT and DAIRY to accompany vegan recipes and articles.

Needless to say, this did not go over well at all with the vegans who regularly read and paid for the magazine. They were furious! According to the New York Times, one reader commented on the magazine’s website how awful it felt “to have craved any of the foods featured here, because now I feel I was craving animals.”

VegNews’ publisher Joseph Connelly apologized and said the practice would be discontinued. “We were shellshocked by the response,” Connelly said.

Really? We’re shellshocked by that response. Isn’t it general knowledge that vegans take this stuff sort of seriously? At any rate, at least VegNews will fix its ways. Connelly said, “We underestimated our responsibility, and we’re taking steps to correct it.”