Vector Unit Races to iOS with Watercraft Racing Title Riptide GP

Released in May of this year on the Android platform, Riptide GP has up until now only been available for devices utilizing Nvidia’s Tegra 2 mobile graphics chipset. Not only has a new Android version of the game been released that supports all devices running Google’s OS, but the title has made its debut on Apple’s iOS, as well.

Riptide GP is a futuristic watercraft racing game that features high-speed vehicles akin to Jet Skis and Sea Doos. It features a dozen courses to race against computer controlled opponents on, from purpose-built competition complexes to a spacecraft launch facility. Players ride atop their watercraft like a motorcycle, leaning to turn or cutting sharply to negotiate narrow canals. By default, the game uses accelerometer-based tilt controls for affecting the craft’s turning and automatic acceleration. These options can be switched over to more traditional directional controls and manual acceleration from the options menu.

A fast and colorful game, Riptide GP gets even faster when players tap the turbo meter to use boost. Boosts build as players race, and they accumulate faster when players do tricks. The courses feature jumps and waves that players can launch off of, swiping while in mid-air to perform stunts before landing. There are also mid-race triggers that dramatically alter the path of the courses.

The title features Game Center and OpenFeint support, with the latter providing players the option to race against their friends’ best lap times. Both networks offer achievements and global leaderboards. Vector Unit recommends the latest generation iOS devices — iPad 2 and iPhone 4S — for the best gameplay experience. The game will run on older devices, but lacks some of the visual flair it has on newer devices, including special effects and realistic wave physics. An option is included for reducing the screen resolution in order to boost performance on older devices.

Vector Unit is a two-person developer studios that started in 2007 and then incorporated in 2008. It was founded by Ralf Knoesel and Matt Small, both former Stormfront Studios staff, with credits on the developer’s Blood Wake, a watercraft combat title for Xbox published by Microsoft. A privately-funded company, Vector Unit released its first title, Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox Live Arcade, in July 2010.

Riptide GP is a universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that sells for $4.99. The game is currently at No. 43 on the iPhone paid games list and is the No. 15 top-selling paid game for the iPad, in addition to being featured as a New & Noteworthy app by Apple on both platforms.

You can follow Riptide GP’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.