Vector comes to Android

Game developer Nekki today announced the release of its endless runner Vector for Android.

In Vector, players take on the role of a silhouetted figure who is constantly being pursued by another shadowy figure. No context is given for why these two are chasing each other despite the fact that the game refers to its main sequence of levels are “story” mode, but it doesn’t really matter — Vector isn’t a game that’s attempting to tell a complex story. Rather, it’s a game that attempts to get players wrapped up in the thrill of a movie-style rooftop chase scene — and in that respect, it succeeds admirably. You can read our full and favorable review of the game here.

Nekki, which also developed the impressive and visually-striking one-on-one combat game Shadow Fight, originally released Vector on Facebook, iOS and other social networks. According to Nekki, more than 10 million players have played Vector since its release.

The Android bersion of the game features 40 levels, with Survival and Player-vs-Player modes coming soon. You can download a free version from Google Play here, and upgrade to “Vector Delux” version (which includes all the levels) for $0.99.