VC Investments in Mobile Tech in Q3 2013 at Record Breaking High

Uber, Pinterest and AirWatch closed three of the top 25 venture capital deals of 2013 with more than a quarter of a million in funding combined.

The era of big investments for social media might be over but VCs are still investing in tech companies. Recent data from CB Insights there are still some big deals being made in the tech industry with mobile, e-commerce and business intelligence getting some of the biggest investments since 2012.

In fact, these three sectors accounted for some of the biggest deals to take place in the last 12 months. According to the latest report from CB Insights, the mobile sector saw record breaking venture capital investments in Q3 2013, with more than $1 billion going to US companies.

Uber, the hot mobile app which enables users to request a driver, closed the Series C with $258 million from Google Ventures. Not only was this the biggest deal of Q3, it was also Uber’s biggest funding round to date — more than six times the amount invested in Series B funding in 2011.

According to the report, customer relationship management, payment technologies and business intelligence combined to take one-in-five of all mobile VC deals in Q3 2013. The record breaking quarter for mobile tech is likely a result of an increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the internet, the report says.

While Google Ventures may have made the biggest single investment of the quarter, 500 Startups has been the most active mobile investor of the year, with 20 deals between Q1 and Q3, according to the report.

Also noteworthy, Pinterest, which raised $200 million in venture capital in Q3 2013, was the only social network included in the top five deals of the quarter. Analysts are predicting big growth for Pinterest in 2014 and with its entrance into the ad business, it sounds like Pinerest is the social network to watch.

In addition to Uber and Pinterest, enterprise mobile security provider, AirWatch also topped the list of venture capital deals in 2013.