Vavuud Wind Meter for Smartphones Uses Simple Magnets in Lieu of Electronics

Vavuud is a simple, plastic wind meter for your smartphone that takes advantage of magnetic power in order to give you an accurate wind reading. It plugs into your phone’s jack and relays the information to you via a simple app. Here’s how it works:

As its arms spin in the breeze, the magnetometer in your phone detects the field created by the two magnets embedded in the Vaavud’s rotor. The app then converts the rotations of these magnets into wind speed using modified sound processing algorithms.

The wind meters comes in two colors along with a neoprene storage bag. Since it’s plastic, the wind meter is easy to keep clean for when you are out windsurfing on the beach. Vavuud works with the following devices:

  • iPhone 4, 4s, and 5
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, and Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4