Variety Weekly Will Remain As Much — Still Weekly

Contrary to Nikki Finke’s shrill bloggeristic rant that Variety would fold its weekly magazine into the daily paper, even in the dire financial straits that plague journalism, Hollywood’s mouthpiece has no current plans for such.

Variety president and publisher Neil Stiles told FBLA that the topic had been considered, but no decision had been made. He also said the idea had been discussed for the last several years. Such a prediction is either three years behind the times or three years ahead, Stiles said.

In fact, the idea was seriously considered way back in 1993 when I started as a reporter at Variety. It was discarded, largely because the Weekly Variety issue is considered a decent earner.

And as Stiles pointed out, in this Internet era of instant news, the Weekly provides a thoughtful forum for analysis of that news. But as all CEOs are wont to do, he left the door open. “Not yet, but it’s still a possibility,” he said.