Variety: The Greatest Stories That Never Were, Like Katie Changes News Forever


Ted Johnson, in Variety, has a great twist on the year-end wrap-up piece–stuff that never happened, no matter who predicted it or how loudly it was chanted. Our best pick:

Katie Couric revolutionizes the evening news. Amazing interviews, commentaries and personality. Plenty of personality. After touring the country in advance of the most-hyped debut in recent memory, Couric has hardly reshaped the evening news business, or even redefined it. Rather, her broadcast has proven to be more like–well like the news was when Bob Schieffer was anchor. Nor has there been a ratings shift. Given the glacial pace of changing viewing habits, more can happen over time, but Couric has proven the limits of how much you can really change a broadcast rooted in the 1960s. Likewise, her departure from “Today” may have created a brief opening in the morning, but Meredith Vieira has proven a seamless replacement and the competitive landscape in the morning is largely unchanged.

But wait, you also get:

Daniel Craig, the blond Bond, bombs. How can an indie actor, who can’t drive a stick shift, be the next 007? Well, with a really good script for “Casino Royale,” very good reviews and a restart of the franchise that takes the character back to his origins. Craig is already signed for his”next Bond pic–rumored to be based on the Fleming short story “Risico.” “Casino” is on its way to becoming one of the series’ all-time top grossers, with Sony predicting north of $500 million worldwide.

So smart! That’s why we never predict anything.